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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Ovidiu Ervin Gruia


Ovidiu Ervin Gruia’s work reflects the constant struggle for balance in a world of contradictions and radical transitions. A recent arrival on the art scene, the mostly self-taught Gruia addresses themes of freedom and oppression, tranquility in the midst of chaos and spirituality in a secular world.

Gruia escaped communist Romania at age 15 along with his family and he landed in a Southern California public high school with only a basic knowledge of English. At age 17, he developed the first of several start-ups, only to leave the business world to pursue his education.

He studied business and theology and has a broad range of experience in facilities management, marketing and business development in the energy and healthcare industry.

Through his work experience, Gruia encountered a range of humanity—from the disadvantaged seeking care in a free clinic to some of the wealthiest CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, including a three-year stint with Enron corporation. This exposure to polar opposites, combined with his own new beginnings, led to bold decisions in his life and in his art, and a constant struggle to harness a point of equilibrium.

Gruia’s quest for a grain of serenity in the midst of chaos comes through in his paintings—from the bold colors and dynamic strokes of heavy paint to the artistic sense of elusive peace and restrained power.


Why do I paint?

Each one of us have our own "thumbprint" of sight; we each see in a unique way. Even the blind have found ways to "see" a downcast friend. Some of us see the pain in someone's eyes, while others looking at the same person, see the folds in their wrinkled shirt, while others see the sunset light reflecting off their cheek. When I paint, I have to see much more than a simple glance allows.

When I paint, I have to train my brain to really see...

...the vanishing point and pivot every angle from it

...the symmetry and relationship between objects

...where the light comes from as well as where and how much it displaces darkness. the different time of day generates different palette of colors, even if the object has not changed the blending of the colors shifts the intensity of the pigment as it surrenders itself to the canvas one shade seduces its complement to evoke unexpected feelings let the grays whisper the blue of the sky or the depth of the water

...the poetry left behind by the dance of the brush or painting knife

There is nothing more marvelous than finding balance without symmetry; with color instead of objects.

I spend most of my time not on painting the light, but the shadows; for the dark corners and shadows do nothing else but point out the light.

I paint so I can see.